First major update

I just finished building the next update for Scorched: Total Recall. The game is up and running for nearly 2 months now and based on the stats the players are happy to play it. The first release contained the core game mechanics, nothing beyond really. This update throws a few more, hopefully exciting elements into the arena.

Lets see the units at first, Tank, Cannon and Rocket Launcher. Previously the units were just a bit different, but now they are more distinguishable.

The Tank is the base class of our warfares and has got 2 weapons, Shell and Big Shell. This is the most mobile unit, can climb up to a 75 degree slope, its engine quite strong so this unit is the fastest!

The Cannon is immobile, with no engine, but has got Bombs and Nukes, 2 very powerful weapons. Its effective range is more than the tank’s and its projectiles are stronger as well. It has the thickest armour of them all and its fire rate is also on the top.

The Rocket Launcher is a different animal with its special weapons. This unit has the thinnest armour and not so mobile as the tank, but its 5 different weapon classes make it the most deadliest warfare unit in the game. It has got multihead rockets, the ARocket and the indescribable Big Daddy to say the least. And of course these rockets go the farthest.

The next improvement is the Map and the Score boards. Previously one fight came after the other and it was not that exciting. Adding this new scene you can see now the place of the battles on an actual map and every battle will be just the same for every player!

The battles have got their own score boards, from now the race for to be the best is more challenging. The Best Battles scoreboard will be removed soon and we replace it with the Best Fighters race - this will truly show the real battle warriors!