I hope you are all right. I've already put up a few images into the gallery - hope you like it!

Check out the main vehicles! They are cool, aren't they? Just like the whole game. Because, as you can guess, I am writing about a new game, and its genre is.... well, I am quite unsure about that. The genre is (I bravely say) an artillery strategy.

For me this artillery strategy is a genre that takes me down the memory lane. I saw this game being played by my dad every day when I was a kid. Every damn day. He played other games too, of course (come on Wolfstein!), but this one was definitely in his top 5. Oh, and those great times when I was old enough to join! For my daddy, these were fun times with his son, for me, deadly competitions. I wish I had a chance to play with him again, just once more. But I cannot, he left us.

The memory of those tank battles are still with me, and now that I have three kids, I was thinking: I want to play this game again. So there you go. A recollection of a memory of the game of my childhood: Scorched.

What is this game - you might ask. Well, you are a commander driving a tank, a rocket launcher or a big cannon. There are other vehicles on the scene which want to eliminate you, so your very first goal is to survive the battle and possibly blow up the enemy. The units have various features that you can develop: for example there is an armour on the vehicle so it can survive even a long fall using its parachute or a direct hit from an enemy unit. To attack the other vehicles your unit has a multi-purpose weapon with different projectiles. The vehicles have unique features: the cannon can't move and the rocket launcher can shoot the furthest.

The game has 3 parts. The first is the career mode, when you start as a rookie private who has just stepped out the gates of Fort Jackson training camp. There are numerous battles out there to fight, and as you gain experience you can develop your units to create faster, stronger or more reliable vehicles to fight with.

The second part is mission mode, when you have to cope with different scenarios. Your decision will affect not just the actual fight, but you can decide when and how you want to attack the enemy, the number and type of units you send into battle, or how you supply your vehicles. There is always an overarching strategic goal: for instance to conquer an area or besiege a town.

The third is the multiplayer mode, where you can try out yourself against the evolution polished human brilliance instead of pre-programmed artificial intelligence.

I think this is enough as an introduction. If you want to hear the latest, please follow Scorched on your favourite channel.